Dawn & Sonny love to discuss Intelligent Realities

3D & 360° Domain Expertise

Production Management, Common Workflows for Compositing, 3D Model Creation, Lighting, Rendering, and Spatial Object Placement.

XR Intelligence Layering

Innovative approaches to obtuse problems. Analytics guidance for Extended Reality (XR-VR/AR/MR) Content Producers.

Project & Data Management

Practical planning and management of data warehouse projects for the XR sector. Dashboards, performance monitoring and forecasting.

Analytical Musings

They also get down with…

Photography (Still & Motion)

Photojournalism & Photo Documentation, Technical Image Capture, Advanced Handling of Studio-Grade Professional Camera Systems

Data Visualization

Setting up visualization tools, automatic dashboards, advanced charts and diagrams.

Business Process Development

Creating efficient automated processes for best results. Identifying large scale image capture problems and needs, setting the business objectives and profiling user groups.

…What our days look like…

What is “Devign” Elements?

Developer + Designer  x  ♥  =  Devign

At the 2008, MIX Conference, in Las Vegas, Microsoft used the phrase “dev-igners” to explain a growing phenomenon of people who push their skills in the same direction to continuously innovate with each new project.

Welcome to the personal website of Dawn L. Yilmaz and Salih “Sonny” Yilmaz. Dawn is best described as a Technical Photographer, 3D Generalist and junior-level Data Scientist specializing in analytics for the Extended Reality (XR) sector. Sonny is best described as an IT Field Engineer and Deskside Analyst.



Sonny is a wonderful person with great integrity, a solid work ethic and natural affinity to people. He is an incredible talent with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that surpasses his years. I highly and wholeheartedly endorse Sonny and I support him with any and all his future business pursuits.

Alvin C Fowlkes, Jr. MBA, CPRW Owner @ Sharp Edge Enterprises, LLC

In addition to being a delight to work with, Ms. Yilmaz has a clear vision for her art and multimedia work. As a photographer, her work reflects her attention to detail and it is clear that she has real passion for her work. If a project requires a personal connection to the work as well as a positive and professional attitude, look no further than Dawn Yilmaz.

Sean Ruecroft Layout TD @ MPC

I met with Dawn to learn about how she became established as a photographer… Dawn is not only one of the most hardworking people I know, she is an inspiration. She is a pleasure to work with and ensures that every aspect of the work she produces is of superior quality.

Misha Adams Rees Program Specialist @ AHRI

“For those of you looking for a photographer around the greater Richmond, VA area, I would highly recommend Dawn. She is extremely talented and has an eye for detail. Simply put, her work is awesome!”

Michael Ewers VP of Operations @ IHR Services Inc.

“Dawn is an all-around superb professional. From technical expertise to excellent customer service to her friendly, outgoing sales technique, she’s a well rounded individual. I highly recommend working with Dawn to anyone.”

Mary Ward Marketing @ The Walden School