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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you! Here are my top 10 industry predictions for the new year!

  1. #Hashtags will become #irrelevant, as they become increasingly #popular with #people, who do not know #how #to #use #them.
  2. The state of modern architecture will continue to decline. It is appalling. With some of the highest unemployment rates for graduates and city planners sold on cookie-cutter neighborhoods, I think this will be a tough year for this entire sector. This is a shame, because the young talent in this sector is incredible.
  3. The OpenSourceEducation movement will thrive as a host of services emerge to handle the phenomena over the next 2 years. New websites, video feeds and apps will appear, along with grants for related tech solutions to help spread the word. It is highly possible that organization will make some of these grants and/or potential scholarships available to program participants as university’s and industries see the global  potential for good.
  4. Social Media’s brat pack, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, are in full effect, but it’s YouTube’s year to shine as people turn to the  popular service as a source for grassroots election coverage and political parody’s.
  5. The word “obsessive” will continue popping up in ads everywhere.i.e. “We obsessively design for you.”, “We are obsessed with quality.” Oh copywriters, please get a grip! :0
  6. Google has great things in the works, but in 2012, their services for small businesses will standout as never before. The AdWords,  Analytics, and Google+ trifecta is going to have mass appeal to small-midsize business owners struggling to complete in a high-tech SEO driven environments. At the start of the year, Google began offering some delicious campaigns that  make using their service very economic and easy to slide into even the smallest of marketing budgets.
  7. Facebook and Google will continue to go head to head in an epic battle that is just plain good fun to watch. As Google ads features that Facebook ‘s programming was not intended for, Facebook will continue to haphazardly slap in code at a frantic pace. Have you noticed as Facebook ads features things get slower and slower? Facebook’s  keeping up with the Jones’ approach of trying to match Google by any means necessary is a bit tragic and not a good indicator of things to come, but maybe they will surprise us.
  8. Samsung & Android are a great combinationand they will continue to give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money. I have both an iPhone and an Samsung (Infuse) and if I could somehow mash them together the resulting love child would rule the world. With slicker than you marketing and a solid product line the Samsung/Android market is ready for a successful year.
  9. 2012 will be a year of functional luxury, especially in art and industrial design. Art and design are torn between a return to classic, yet modern beauty and the challenge of achieving the highest possible standards of sustainability and functionality.
  10. For my last prediction, I predict that if you are reading this you are going to have an amazing year, because you have incredibly advanced taste and excellent sensibilities!

Cheers and Have a Great New Year’s,

Dawn Yz

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