Changing Times…

The time has come for change! With that said, I am now… drumroll please… officially on WordPress and I am currently using the service as a fully functioning CRM… say what!

I must admit it was not a planned departure, I was actually researching it for a client, but after five or six, “Whoa, it can do what’s…” I decided that if it was good enough for my client, I’d better give it one heck of a hardy test drive.

I started with a few tutorials on the WordPress infastructure with a hearty focus on underlying theme development. Before long I was happily ripping apart pre-built themes and dropping in code snippets and a reckless pace!

While there are no promises yet, I beleive that you can expect a video tutorial series on WordPress from me shortly. It is just too much fun not to share!

In the mean time if you have any questions or just want to know more about WordPress please feel free to shoot me an email any time.

Cheers and happy blogging!
Dawn Yz


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