InLight Richmond 2012

InLight Richmond 2012, is 1708 Gallery’s fifth annual one-night, public light art exhibition, parade and entertainment event. Billed as a “block party for the arts,” it really has something for everyone.  This is my account of the night;

The sun went down and the people came out to play with the lights, like you might read in a fairy tale. Over 50 girls with glowing hula-hoops danced and twirled in the streets, with the peaceful joy you might see on the face of a whirling dervish. The police of our town manned every corner allowing the spectators and photographers to move about freely and unencumbered without worry or care.

The exhibitions were large and the art that lined the streets brilliant and breathtaking. There was no end to the human ingenuity and drive that went into the construction of the works.

My favorite was Interstitial Transduction by Dave Watkins + Nelly Kate. Their installation piece featured a large multimedia projection of various art overlaid to make a continuous animation onto a building, about 30 ft. or so in dimension. Some 5-6 ft. in front of the projection stood a tree-like piece with hanging nodules. Intense sound poured from the installation and enveloped you creating a true subversive experience. When you touched the nodules and interacted with them they caused a reaction in the sound. To watch the joy children had interacting with it was especially enjoyable.

The juror for InLight Richmond 2012 is Melissa Ho, Assistant Curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

InLight Richmond was created in 2008 as a way to give something to the community on the occasion of 1708 Gallery’s 30th birthday. Thus was born the idea of a one-night, public art exhibition that would offer our community a chance to engage with contemporary art outside the gallery walls.

Learn more at: http://www.1708gallery.org/inlight/

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