Mac vs. PC – No contest.


The above image shows my home PC running Vista with Rocketdock and a few Windows Gadgets. This theme was easy to create and maintain should I want a different look or feel in the future.

I love my PC… after all it functions as well or better than a Mac, looks better than a Mac, and cost 1/3 less money than a Mac… so why do I need a Mac? Custom built PC’s are the way to go. So why is the art industry so biased against the PC?

It used to be true that a Mac was almost guaranteed to out-shined a PC for graphics generation, but that sadly was 5 years ago. Now you can readily create graphics on either system comfortably, if you select the right machine. Many of my Designer friends, seem surprised when I relay that fact. So let’s clear the air…

The real contest isn’t Mac vs PC and it hasn’t been for a some time now. It’s really comes down to what you know and what you don’t know about each system. In general, hardcore PC users tend to have a stronger understanding of hardware and are willing to go the extra mile by staying current in their understanding of the technology under the hood of their system. This explains why it is the favored system of IT teams and Computer Science Engineers. Mac users tend to be those who would rather pay a lot more for minimal convenience. (Ohhhhh no she didn’t… oh yes, I did!)

Right up front. If you buy a computer, plug into the wall and installing software is an irritant. There is nothing wrong with that. Use the Mac.

You can’t walk into a Best Buy (cringe) or Walmart and get the kind of PC I am talking about. You have to know the specs. I talking intel chips, solid state drives, etc… the meat and potatoes that makes a computer work.

But shouldn’t a Designer have intimate knowledge of their tools? Ask a Carpenter what’s in his bag. He knows every piece, all great craftspeople do. Another thing they understand – how to secure their tools. So again why don’t most Designers?

I love the “Macs are more secure line”… translation, “I don’t understand security, but I sure know it’s important!” Actually because of this belief, the slight advantage a Mac has in safety (which is do to lack of hacker interest, and the fact that there is less market share – not greater built in security features) is lost because most mac users are less cautious than PC users. Beyond that, if someone decides that you are worth hacking and they know you are running a Mac, in a lot of ways you are actually the easier target.

Of course, I can comfortably use both a Mac and PC, and all Designers should be able to, but art grads I talk to overwhelmingly seem to think Mac’s always outperform PC’s, which is blatantly incorrect. Why, on earth would they think that you ask? Ask one, it’s very entertaining! You’ll hear a litany of sales gloss. This is because Apple is great at creating “Evangelists.”

Apple’s marketing teams have crafted a brilliant branding strategy. Take into account this little bit, “Mac People are more likely to see the existing world in a light of “sameness” and thus express a desire to be perceived as different and unique. This is consistently reflected in their aesthetic choices such as bold colors, “retro” designs, one-of-a-kind clothing and highly stylized art.”

What tripe! (I have been waiting all week to use the word tripe in an applicable sentence – kudos to me!) It’s a computer, not a fashion accessory. However, if you want it to be – take a look at just a few mod PC designs… and ask you yourself, How individualized is that grey or white rectangle of an Apple looking now?

Designers, especially those designing for the web, interfaces and alike should KNOW they can get the same processor, amount of RAM, and hard drive capacity for much cheaper with a PC. I have yet to see one bring a valid argument. The whole world is in an economic crisis. Why not help your employer – save a few bucks, now and in the future on upgrades. is one of many custom PC builders. I bought one of their Paladin series for work and really enjoyed it. I also really like their new Level 10. Take a look and tell me it’s not as stylish as a Mac, the Level 10 is an art piece in and of itself.

The design (by engineers at BMW) allows for easy upgrades, maximum airflow and cooling. The Paladin I bought from them was built here in the US too, which did give me a warm fuzzy feeling, Mac users will never know.

Another nice thing with a small company is when I ran into a problem getting it shipped, I dealt directly with the top guy at the company. Good luck getting a hold of Steve Jobs. Heck, you need a reservation to even talk to customer service rep, I mean, “Genius.” Good luck with that.

Bottom-line, from the hardware to the software, PC’s offer greater flexibility in customization, they cost far less for the same specs and they are easier to upgrade in the future.


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