YouTube 360: Impressions of Courage

Join Richmond nonprofit, Art on Wheels, for a press conference signaling the launch of Impressions of Courage, the biggest community art project ever undertaken. A world record setting 1,000-foot collagraph print to honor those affected by cancer.

Experimental video shot with Ricoh Theta S 360. Please note, currently, this is the best picture quality that can be achievable on this portable little device, but I expect to see big things from Ricoh in the future. Workflow is very fast and their native apps work flawlessly. Controlling the camera through a Samsung Edge S7 was took only a few minutes to setup and a few seconds to execute.

Art on Wheels


Kevin Orlosky
Director of Programs
Art on Wheels

Informational Video

Jenny Owen
Director of Public Relations and Communications
VCU Massey Cancer Center

Andrea Orlosky
Executive Director
Art on Wheels

Megan Nolde
Program Manager
Studio Two Three

Denise Kranich,
Executive Director

The Honorable Charles R. Samuels Councilman
Richmond City Council
Richmond North Central 2nd Voter District…

Live demo of the process of making a collograph.


For more information, contact Art on Wheels at (804) 726-5119
or Sarah Allen-Short at

Dogtown Dance Theatre

YouTube 360: Creative Mornings RVA

Hi all!

I have been attending Creative Mornings in Richmond since their inception just last year. It is a great event to attend – come out and get inspired by Richmond’s ever growing creative class! This month’s event took place at the Dogtown Dance Theatre and featured speaker Jeff Rock of Mobelux. The theme this month was “Change the Constant”.

Check out all the fun on this short YouTube 360 video I shot using a Ricoh Theta S camera. Please note, currently, this is the best picture quality achievable on this portable little device, but I expect to see big things from Ricoh in the future. Workflow is very fast and their native apps work flawlessly. Controlling the camera through a Samsung Edge S7 was took only a few minutes to setup and a few seconds to execute.



Waving from the other side of the screen,

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Richmond along the James River at Sunset.

US News & World Report

Recently, Dawn did some work for US News and World Report’s Real Estate division on the Best Places to Live rankings product. Check it and some of the national and local coverage about the report.


#76 – Virginia Beach, Va.

Neptune Statue
Virginia Beach is One of the Best Places to Live in America – (Writing/Photography)

#28 – Richmond, Va.

Richmond along the James River at Sunset.
Photos that Capture Life in Richmond, Va. (Photography)


Additional Coverage

Richmond Zombie Walk 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Few reimagined edits from Richmond Zombie Walk. The last image is a composite of nightmarish visions run through Google’s Deep Dream neural network with various levels of inception above 4 and up to level 6 or rare deep dream status.


Project Research: Udvar-Hazy

Udvar-Hazy Hangar with the Discovery Space Shuttle and their amazing aircraft. I was only there for 45 minutes, but I plan to go back because it is a wonderful place. Here are some of the shots I took while I was there.



Z-Brush: Production Modeling

This month at Full Sail University, I am taking Production Modeling with Paul McDonald, a veteran of EA Sports, Walt Disney and Universal/Amblin. He has worked on The Lion King, Aladdin and Mulan, along with Madden, Tiger Woods Golf and too many other projects to list. So far the lectures are out of this world and watching him work is inspiring.

Of course, since I am brand new to Z-Brush, so I headed over to to pick up some basic training. membership comes with our enrollment and it is a fantastic supplementary tool for picking skills up on the fly. Here are my very first Z-Brush speed sculpts. View Certificate.



In the Gallery Ceiling

Bosphorus Textiles Carpets

Here I am rigging a camera in the ceiling of Gallery Decor in Stony Point Fashion Park before shooting some amazing handmade carpets from Morocco, Turkey and around the world. Some were over 100 years old! Photographing $15-20k carpets takes a lot of time and care and afterwards everyone was ready for a well-deserved nap.


Top 25 Adobe Student Rep Worldwide

Dawn was chosen as one of the top 25 Adobe Students Reps out of hundreds around the world working on the Creative Cloud campaign!

Dawn got to met with some of the most brilliant minds in the field, and made some amazing connections that will last a lifetime! Thank you Adobe!!!!! You #madethis great!!!

***Photo courtesy wikipedia commons. The Creative Cloud logo is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.


#AdobeStudent Q&A with Jared Polin

You know Jared Polin, of, from his amazing YouTube tutorials, his CreativeLIVE lectures and, of course, his awesome photography!

Jared was kind enough to take time out of his schedule, to meet with me and several Adobe Students around the world in an On Air Google+ Hangout to talk photography, creativity, post-processing and about the tools he uses to get the right shot. Check it out!
#madethis #adobestudents #fullsail


Carytown Fashion Feeds The Byrd

This is my album of fun snappies from the Carytown Merchant Association’s first ever Carytown Fashion Feeds the Byrd, a fashion event, in celebration of the historic Byrd Theatre built in 1928. For more information on the event and for additional event photos, videos and more, please visit:

One Year Anniversary

First Anniversary Photoshoot

First year wedding anniversary photo-shoot in downtown Richmond. The heart shaped bokeh is from a lens filter I made right before the shoot on a whim.

RAW @ Canal Club

RAW: Elevation

The kind people at RAW invited me to display work this year at RAW: Elevation. Since most of my work lives in the digital realm converting it and making prints at the height of summer was a bit much, but they invited me out to check it out and it was a lot of fun indeed. In fact, I was not planning on taking any pics, but with this crowd of so many wonderful artists, designers, musicians and models, who could resist?!!!

These are my fun snappies!

VA Motorsports Park

Virginia Motorsports Park

Down at the track shooting 200 m.p.h. drag racing bikes and it starts raining… 3rd shot of the day and you can even see a bit of the reflection in the ground which is rare because if the track is wet they have to stop the race. Glad I got a decent shot with such short time, but sad I missed seeing my team hit the track. Luckily, we will have another shoot coming up soon!

Working with Molecular Maya | PHIX174-4

Molecular Maya

As my SAL (Shading and Lighting) class is set to begin, I wanted to prepare by getting back into the Maya interface and playing around a bit. I have always wanted to try something along the lines of a scientific visualization, so I started using the Moelcular Maya Toolkit to make models using raw .pdb (Protein Data Bank) data. This is one of the models generated of one of the data file. These is scaffolding proteins in the assembly of the small, single-stranded DNA virus phiX174. Click the pictures and then again on the higher resolution if they appear out of focus or soft.

Fireworks over the James

Rockett’s Red Glare 2013

Headed down to Rockett’s Landing for the 2013 Red Glare on Memorial Day weekend. Weather was beautiful! It was so nice MaKayla and I did an impromptu photoshoot along the water’s edge. Really like the mix of modern and eclectic architecture down by the train tracks. It is quite unique and charming.

Love Riverrock Panosphere

Riverrock 2013 Panospheres

I have photographed in the Dominion Riverrock Photography contest for the past three years with great joy and affection. This year I thought I would give panospheres a try. Here are the results: