Dawn Yilmaz

Dawn L. Yilmaz is a VR Directory of Photography (DP) and Researcher at VArtisans (www.vartisans.com). At VArtisans, Dawn works with the wise and wonderful, VR Director and VFX Supervisor, Mark Lambert (www.marklambertvfx.com). Although most of their professional work is not yet released, you can check out their work for the PBS tv show “Mercy Street” here:

For more information about VR video production, visit us at VArtisans (www.vartisans.com).

Technology has always played a significant part of Dawn’s life. From her first game system (a 1972 Magnavox Odyssey found in the trash), to her first camera (which, she hacked to shoot higher shutter speeds for sports), Dawn has always been a bit of a technophile. With no shortage of pursuits, you can find Dawn in the field, flying drones to shoot 3D footage in Monument Valley, wearing Google Glasses to explore Mesa Verde and collecting reference in interesting places around the world. Recently, Dawn spent a month filming in the beautiful and exotic country Turkey.

Outside of digital formats, Dawn’s work appears in publication in 2 books, The Theatrical Firearms Handbook and RVA Lookbook, and in several magazines and newspapers, including U.S. News and World Report.

Dawn holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in 3D Computer Animation from Full Sail University. She is a currently candidate for a Master of Science (MSBI) in Business Intelligence also from Full Sail University. Dawn’s research focuses on data science and business intelligence solutions specifically for the virtual reality sector. Follow her Masters journey of Tumblr at devignelements.tumblr.com.

Dawn is a strong supporter of Virginia’s growing film industry and is a proud member of the Virginia Production Alliance (VPA).