Google 360°

Google Business virtual tour capture and server/satellite connection. (Certified by test and quality verification through Google, Inc.). Content collection for members of the Google Trusted Photography and Developers program.

UAV Aerial Cinematography (4K)

Drone/UAV quadcopter cinematography using the latest robotic aerial camera platforms and technological advancements.


Identifying and researching appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities. Data collection and digital asset management.


Communicating with models and live subjects, putting them at ease, encouraging and directing them. Cultivating a strong network of creative leaders in the technology, science and art fields to source additional talent.

Photography (Still & Motion)

Photojournalism & Photo Documentation, Technical Image Capture (HDRI, PBR, Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Commercial), Advanced Handling of Studio-Grade Professional Camera Systems

Creative Direction

Maintaining vision and quality control from conception through delivery. Determination and passion in challenging circumstances and tight time constraints.

3D & VFX

Video Editing & VFX – Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Syntheyes. 3D Model Creation, Lighting & Rendering, Spatial Object Placement.