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Urban Dictionary has accepted the word Triple-Tweet! After a bunch of tweets from Smashing Magazine were sent out on accident, a few of us were kidding around about the word triple-tweet, which was used in their apology tweet. Due to the fact that Smashing Mag’s tweets are really enjoyable, no one really cared and it was jokingly said that triple-tweet should mean 3 times the goodness!

Thinking it would be funny to document this hilarious exchange, I sent the word to Urban Dictionary and to my complete surprise… they ACCEPTED it!

1. Triple-Tweet :
Accidentally sending out the same twitter tweet 3 times.
Also a really sweet (sweet meaning great) tweet.

To my knowledge, Smashing Magazine gets credit for coining the term when they accidentally sent a tweet 3 times, and used the phrase in an apology.
.@twitteridname The triple-tweet was an honest mistake. Sorry about that, guys.
.@twitteridname Thanks for the twit, that was triple-tweet!

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